Manage Inventory (add listing)

How to add a Listing

1.Click Inventory menu tab below the dashboard and then >> Add new vehicle. 

2. Give your listing a name ( car model or tagline). 

3. Upload all your vehicle photos and click on save all changes/insert gallery to have your images automatically uploaded and resized for the listing and click on "Update" or "Save Draft". 

4. Enter all vehicle information in the first and second module, all vehicle information is optional and blank field will not show on front end. 

5. Enter a quick vehicle overview.

6. Add Make - Model by clicking in the right module previously filled with all your vehicle brands. If you do not have any vehicle name in this module you can add them right in this widget. 

7. Enter all vehicle features. 

8. Optional add a YouTube or Vimeo video ID to display a video review or overview in your Tabs module below the individual car listing gallery. 9. Premium and Deluxe Only: Copy the auto-generated Craigslist code, go to your Craigslist account and paste the code into your add to have a gorgeous Car advertisement with link back to your vehicle page.

10. Publish.

How to Edit / Delete a listing

1. The best way to manage your listings is by going to Inventory. 

2. Click on the listing name, edit or select delete from the menu to delete the listing. 

3. Once you have finished editing the listing (see How to add a listing above for more details), click on the Publish button to allow the changes to appear live on the site.

How to add a Video to your listing

The video module is located at the bottom right of the listing editor with a dropdown to select the source (YouTube, Vimeo) and an input field to enter the video ID.

Add your video ID and source and the new video will show with your listing description Tab module on the single vehicle page, the video will resize automatically to fit your layout.

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