Search By Distance (miles from location).

Install Search by Distance add-on

To install and setup the add-on go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and click on the button.

Upload Search by Distance add-on

Click on Add New and locate the download file named on your computer and click Upload

Activate Search by Distance add-on

After the file is uploaded to the theme click on Install now and then Activate to activate the add-on in your theme.

Get your Google Maps API

Search by Distance add-on works together with the Google Maps API to return results from your location, in order to use the Google Maps API you need to create a free API key in the Google Maps website here:

Create Google Maps API Key

After you created your Google Maps Key go to Dashboard > Search Fields > Google Maps API Key and input the ket in the field as shown below and click save, your add-on is ready tor return results for your location.

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