Compare Listings & Save to Favorites

Install Compare & Save to Favorites add-on

To install and setup the  add-on go to  Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

Upload Compare & Save to Favorites add-on

Click on Add New and locate the download file named on your computer and click Upload

Activate Compare & Save to Favorites add-on

After the file is uploaded to the theme click on Install now and then  Activate to activate the add-on in your theme.

Add a Compare page template.

Go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New and create a new page template named Compare and selected the page template Compare listings as described in the image below and click Publish.

Add a Saved Cars page template.

Go to  Dashboard > Pages > Add New and create a new page template named Saved Cars and selected the page template Compare listings as described in the image below and click Publish.

Create and add a Save Cars menu at the top of your website.

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menu and create a new mane called Save and assign it to the Save Cars menu location as shown below.

Start using Compare & Save to Favorites add-on.

After you perform the steps in in this tutorial the compare and save buttons will work and ready to be used by your visitors on your website.

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