Menu Navigation Setup

Top Navigation 

Automotive theme is fully compatible with WordPress custom menus, you can build and re-arrange your menu as you please.

  1. Click on Appearance => Menus in your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Create a new menu module and give the new menu a name an click Save Menu.
  3. Add custom menu links, pages, posts and categories as needed to your menu.
  4. To display full inventory, add the Inventory page to your menu.
  5. To display your blog add the News/Blog page to your menu.
  6. To display the Sell your Car page add the Sell your Car page to your menu.
  7. To display the financing application add the Financing page to your menu.
  8. To display the included contact form add the Contact Us page to your menu.

Click Save Menu and you will have a brand new navigation bar with your selected menu items.

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