WordPress Classifieds / Trade Your Car Module

Trade your car form is bundled with the WordPress Classifieds & Trade Your Car Module and customers interested in car trading can submit their vehicle with full information and photo gallery for free.

Install WordPress Classifieds & Trade Your Car Module 

To install and setup the add-on go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

Upload add-on to your WordPress website.

Click Add New and locate the download file named gt-sell-your-car.zip on your computer and click Upload

Activate the Trade your Car add-on

After the file is uploaded to the theme click on Install now and then Activate to activate the add-on in your theme.

Add a Trade your Car Page Template.

Go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New and create a new page template named Trade your Car (or any name of your preference) and select the page template Trade your Car as described in the image below and click Publish.

Add Trade Your Car menu item to your website navigation

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menu and select Trade Your Car page and add it to your Header menu as shown below and your menu item will show in the navigation and the form is ready to be used by your visitors.

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